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Get Swept by XenoLuv
Get Swept
A little scene from my most recent nuzlocke run. Nautilus, my golurk, is amazing and easily my strongest and most dependable member of the team.

I follow standard nuzlocke rules. Only changes are no duplicate catches and the pokemon must be something I've never trained before for the sake of variety. I get three chances to catch something else if the first encounter is a miss.
Ace's Gift by XenoLuv
Ace's Gift
Here's a quick thing for another friend's birthday. He recently discovered a glitch with the Hunter's shadow shot that allows him to spam it forever and never run out of super energy. It's pretty OP. Anyways, these are our characters within the game Destiny.
Bastion by XenoLuv
So, my clanmates in Warframe all wanted me to come up with some new concepts for the game. I've always loved knights and Templars, and thought it would be so cool to have a knight-themed warframe in the game. Here he is;

Bastion, the Guardian warframe.

Armor- 600
Health- 200
Shields- 80
Energy- 100
Sprint- .8

Sanctify- Bastion creates a circular AOE that increases armor and damage resistance and provides health regen for all teammates standing within. Enemies that enter the circle are affected by radiation and a bleed proc.
Steel Golem- +50% damage resistance, immune to status and knockdown - -30% movement speed. (Only affects caster)
Rally- Increases team melee and ranged damage, increases team power strength.
Besiege- Bastion summons an ethereal hammer and shield and charges enemies. Gains massive damage resistance, armor, and melee damage. Also increases movement speed. Each enemies killed restores a portion of HP to Bastion and his teammates. (Slide replaced by Shield Bash- knocks down enemies, leaving them open to finishers; Block+Channel to use Ward- Creates an energy field that blocks projectiles and shields teammates- drains energy)

I wanted him to be mainly a support frame, giving powerful buffs to allies, as well as be able to lead the charge into battle. He would be a lot of fun to play in game, I think.
Happy Birthday! by XenoLuv
Happy Birthday!
This is a little something I drew for a good friend of mine. His favorite warframe is Limbo, mine's Frost, and our other buddy likes Oberon. We wanted to give him a little something, whether he wants it or not. 

By the way, Warframe is an amazing game and more people should play it.
Horses by XenoLuv
Been literally years since I've drawn a horse. Ironic, since horses used to be all I ever drew as a kid. Decided to try my hand with a new sketch.


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Maybe we'll never know...
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United States
I'm an average person, nothing particularly special about me. I've been drawing most of my life. I love creating things and working with my hands, even if the end result is less than spectacular.
I mostly just sketch whatever has currently captured my interest, and have only recently worked up the courage to post some of my art on this site. Coloring and backgrounds are kind of my weakness, but I find I am improving with every piece I create, and that's what matters!

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God-of-All-Monsters Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
I love your dragon :D
XenoLuv Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
God-of-All-Monsters Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
a delight, goddess of dragons!
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